Working Height: 30m

Maximum Outreach: 23m

Lifting height - 28m

Permissible inclination - 5°

Total height - 3.60m

Total length - 7.59m

Permissible total weight - 7.490kg

Work basket size - 1.70 x 0.86m

Work basket load capacity - 350kg

Wheelbase carrier chassis - 3.60 m

Range of rotation - 500°

Extra short design XS

  • Impresses with enormous compactness with top performance data
  • Short overall vehicle length for increased manoeuvrability
  • Modern design with high stability and safety

Base frame and jack control

  • Shorter, stable base frame construction
  • Jack boxes and turret tube made of high-strength finegrained steel, for better performance data and increased torsion resistance (longevity)
  • Comfortable and easy to handle jack control on both vehicle sides (continuation from the successfull TB / TBR range)

New boom profile system

  • Extension of the booms by means two telescopic cylinders
  • Boom profile based on the T 900 HF boom system
  • An optimised boom support profile ensures for a more stable boom design
  • Shorter construction due to new profile shape
  • High-strength fine-grained steel for maximum stability

Optimised turret unit

  • Construction according to the latest topology optimization method in geometric form
  • Low weight combined with highest stability

Increased basket load

  • Compatible with other working baskets of the previous T range
  • Increased basket load: 350kg in combination with huge outreach
  • Robust, hydraulic 2 x 90° basket rotating device
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