Working Height: 26m

Maximum Outreach: 17m

Lifting height - 24m

Permissible inclination - 5°

Total height - 3m

Total length - 7.90m

Swivelling angle of the jib / RÜSSEL® - 185°

Permissible total weight - 3.500kg

Work basket size - 1.40 x 0.70m

Work basket load capacity - 250kg

Wheelbase carrier chassis - 3665mm

Range of rotation - 2 x 225°

Due to the new development of the Hi-light Performance series, the TBR 260 has gained incredible performance capabilities, compared to the previous top model in this category. The STEIGER® TBR 260 features a whopping 26m working height and 17m reach capacity. This easily exceeds the abilities of the previous model – the STEIGER® TBR 250.

Changing market conditions are always the motivating factors for performance enhancements.

Models in the TBR series – with their improved performance capabilities – exceed current customer expectations. The new generation of STEIGER® models in the 3.5t category feature increased operating performance and maximized stability and versatility at the job site. With these exciting new models in their fleet, equipment rental companies can look forward to a higher utilization rate.

The 1.6m of additional working height and 0.7m of increased reach capacity can be attributed to our brilliant design concept. The basket-load capacity has also increased by a full 20kg – from 230kg to 250kg.

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