Working Height: 30m

Maximum Outreach: 17.10m

Lifting height - 28m

Permissible inclination - 5°

Total height - 3m

Total length - 8.07m

Permissible total weight - 3.500kg

Work basket size - 1.40 x 0.70 m

Work basket load capacity - 250kg

Wheelbase carrier chassis - 3665mm

Range of rotation - 2 x 225°

The STEIGER® TB 300 is an entirely new development. Featuring a sensational 30m working height and 17.1m reach, the TB 300 on a 3.5t chassis provides unprecedented performance capabilities. This innovation has an operating capacity that previously had only been available on 7.5t truck-mounted work platforms.

The TB 300 will not only complement the previous 30m, 7.5t category but replace older, heavier truck-mounted platforms on the market today. With 1.5m of additional working height available on 3.5t vehicles, rental companies can look forward to increased revenues, profits, and a higher return on investment.

This 30m work platform also scores with its short vehicle length and low height, which greatly enhances agility.

The STEIGER® TB 300 is the undisputed flagship of the Hi-light Performance series. Hi-light stands for Ruthmann’s ingenious design and steel fabrication techniques.

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